Siyanqoba is able to offer a full training, blended approach or a full RPL intervention. The approach to the learnership will be in line with your organisational strategies and objectives, whilst ensuring that the learners receive the relevant training and up-skilling that will empower them to achieve a qualification and improve their productivity within your organisation.

Full Training Learnership

This approach requires the planning for sufficient Notional Hours within the classroom, in the workplace and in self-study. During the required hours in the classroom, the facilitator will cover the theoretical component of the qualification. It will be expected that the learner then practically apply these skills in the workplace, and also research, reflect and analyse the knowledge and skills for a similar amount of time on their own.

Blended Learnership

This approach integrates training and Recognition of Prior Learning through a Gap Analysis of the learners’ acquired skills. Training will then only be delivered as required, and the evidence collected will be as per the RPL assessment outline and guide.

RPL Learnership

This approach is wholly dependent on the learners, and the collection of sufficient, relevant and valid evidence to meet the outcomes of the qualification. Contact Sessions will be held with the sole purpose of evaluating and reviewing the evidence as collected by the learners.

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